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Fostering Lasting Relationships

Elevating brands, empowering futures; your success is our support

Fostering Lasting Relationships

Elevating brands, empowering futures; your success is our support

When you partner with us, you can trust that you're at the heart of what we do.


Founded 2012

a Johns Lyng Group company

As part of Johns Lyng Group, Johns Lyng Shopfit work closely with local trades and leverage synergistic brands, providing additional capabilities that our competitors don’t offer.

Established in 2012, JL Shopfit has continually forged a reputation of excellence in the retail and commercial fit-out sector. Regardless of project scope, whether it involves creating new retail spaces or enhancing existing outlets, we tailor our solutions to meet each client's unique requirements.

Our mission is to offer a comprehensive suite of services, providing clients with a seamless one-stop-shop experience. Along this journey, we've assembled a team of highly experienced managers boasting a collective experience of over 75 years, supported by the resources of the ASX200 company, Johns Lyng Group. This strategic alliance enables us to consistently deliver exceptional results in the field while upholding superior customer service standards.

As an integral part of a publicly listed ASX top 200 company, our commitment to expanding service capabilities and nurturing growth is paralleled by the financial strength of our Group. Even during periods of volatility, our stability remains evident, with revenues consistently surpassing the billion-dollar mark. This robust financial foundation underscores our reliability and reinforces our position as a trusted partner for all your building needs.



Planned, Designed and Produced Solutions

We are actively broadening our national presence, now extending into New Zealand, to offer comprehensive 24/7 one-stop shop services to our clients.

A close and harmonised working partnership between your company and Johns Lyng Shopfit Group ensures that your project will be constructed with a high level of workmanship, with strong attention to detail, on time and within budget.

All Shopfit customers are allocated one Shopfit project manager to ensure that direct single point of contact & consistency in quality & pricing is maintained. Our management team also includes Contract Management, Trades Liaisons and Coordinators.

Rain, hail or shine, public holiday or weekend, we offer uncompromised 24/7 International service availability 365 days of the year.

We are proud of our ability to complete works efficiently and cost effectively across Australia regardless of location. When required, we have access to 105 partnering offices with full project management capabilities and use of Local People and Local Trades.

24/7 service, 365 days a year


Retail and commercial projects completed for our clients.


Global brands continue to entrust us with their projects


Dedicated Shopfit offices Across Australia and New Zealand


Years of combined team industry experience

  • Project Management
    At Johns Lyng Shopfit, we are dedicated to assembling industry-leading project teams renowned for successful project delivery, exceptional customer service and effective communication.
  • Local Joinery Manufacturing
    Our versatile joinery teams excel in addressing both bespoke requirements and high-volume or bulk procurement needs.
  • Overseas Manufacturing
    Our hands-on approach to project management ensures that the joinery we source meets the highest standards, aligning with the excellence we consistently uphold in all our projects.
  • Warehousing & Logistics
    Given the global scope of our operations, we are equipped to offer clients warehousing for both our own and client-supplied goods, supported by a robust logistics team facilitating worldwide deliveries.
  • Tenancy Defits and Reconfigurations
    We specialise in seamlessly removing existing tenants, restoring premises to their original condition and, when necessary, reconfiguring multiple adjacent tenancies to create new and optimised layouts.
  • Rapid Retail Response
    Our Rapid Retail Response division offers an extensive range of services catering to all imaginable retail maintenance requirements. We developed ‘RRR’ to provide our customers with retail maintenance services that keep your store open and looking its best.

Our Clients

When you partner with us, you can trust that you’re at the heart of what we do. With positive customer experiences at the forefront of our service offering, we continue to deliver a custom and dedicated service that’s resulted in long-lasting partnerships.


What they said

Thanks again so much for an amazing job with the store (Nike – Canberra Centre ACT). Personally, there’s no way I would be able to do this without your help and support. It’s really a pleasure to work with you on these projects. Also did a walk through with Nike and they are absolutely wrapped with the end result. They believe this is our best “mall” store.
Testimonial Avatar
Matt Beaver
Retail Prodigy Group
I’ve used Johns Lyng Shopfit for many years now. They are easy to work with & their ability to complete all types of projects within a quick turnaround is second to none. Even with the quick turnaround, they always maintain high quality without impacting on Safety. I would recommend Johns Lyng Shopfit to anybody.
Testimonial Avatar
Darren Whyte
Vicinity Centres
We started working with Johns Lyng Shopfit 12 months ago and their service has been outstanding. They have been assisting us with a large National rollout that requires a speedy turnaround across the country and nothing is ever an issue, their dedication and reliability was promised at the start of the rollout and it has not disappointed. Would definitely recommend them as a preferred shopfitter and partner.
Testimonial Avatar
Dean McPhee

Great People,
Quality Projects

Andrew Shelton

Managing Director | JL Shopfit Group

Andrew Shelton is the Managing Director of JL Shopfit Group, a leading shopfitting company. With extensive experience in project management and design, he has driven the company's growth and reputation for excellence. Under his leadership, JL Shopfit Group has completed numerous prestigious projects, known for their quality craftsmanship and innovation. Andrew's commitment to customer satisfaction and strong client relationships has made him a respected industry figure.

Leigh Fotheringham

General Manager | JL Shopfit Group

Leigh Fotheringham is the General Manager of JL Shopfit, a prominent shopfitting company. With a wealth of experience in operations and management, Leigh has been pivotal in ensuring the smooth execution of projects and maintaining high standards of quality. His strategic oversight and leadership have contributed significantly to the company's success. Leigh's dedication to excellence and strong focus on client satisfaction have established him as a respected leader within the industry.

Katherine Hills

Managing Director | Rapid Retail Response

Katherine Hills is the Managing Director of Rapid Retail Response, a leading company in the retail solutions sector. With a strong background in business management and retail operations, Katherine has been instrumental in driving the company's growth and innovation. Her leadership ensures the delivery of efficient, high-quality retail solutions, earning the company a stellar reputation. Katherine's commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction has made her a respected figure in the industry.

David Du Preez

Operations Manager | JL Shopfit NZ

David Du Preez is the Operations Manager at JL Shopfit NZ, a key player in the shopfitting industry. With extensive experience in operational management and a strong focus on efficiency, David ensures that all projects are executed smoothly and to the highest standards. His expertise in coordinating teams and resources has been vital to the company's success. David's dedication to excellence and his ability to drive operational improvements make him a valued leader at JL Shopfit NZ.

Sam Faure

Operations Manager | JL Shopfit QLD

Sam Faure is the Operations Manager at JL Shopfit QLD, a prominent name in the shopfitting industry. With a wealth of experience in operational management and a keen eye for detail, Sam oversees the seamless execution of projects, ensuring they meet the highest standards of quality and efficiency. His leadership and strategic approach have been crucial to the company's success in Queensland. Sam's dedication to excellence and his ability to optimise processes make him an invaluable asset to JL Shopfit QLD.

Dina Wu

Operations Manager | Rapid Retail Response

Dina Wu is the Operations Manager at Rapid Retail Response, a leading company in the retail solutions industry. With extensive experience in operational management and a strong focus on efficiency, Dina ensures that projects are executed seamlessly and meet the highest standards of quality. Her expertise in team coordination and resource management has been pivotal to the company's success. Dina's commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction makes her a vital asset to Rapid Retail Response.

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Fostering lasting relationships to build memorable experiences.

With you at the heart of what we do, we prioritise exceptional customer experiences, with tailored and dedicated services that foster enduring partnerships. Every project is undertaken with a dedicated focus on personalised design development and fit-out, ensuring outstanding outcomes. We uphold transparent communication channels throughout the process to ensure client satisfaction is consistently achieved, with a continued goal of exceeding client expectations.